The Trowbridge Research library has research materials that are available to the public with staff assistance.  As of October 1, 2010 we NO longer have a research assistant in the archives. As we are now a museum staff of two, we will try our best to assist you with your research questions, but we ask for patience and understanding as we manage other parts of the museum as well as the archives.  

Inquiries can be directed towards— this email account will continue to be checked regularly, although any research requests will be delayed in processing.

As of January 26, 2010 there are new fees for research in the archives.

Photocopies are 25 cents per copy.

Photocopies/scans of photographs are $2.50 each

$25 inital fee for research with an additional $25 per hour after the first hour

The following materials are available:

  • List of 27 WyCo Cementeries
  • Newspapers 1867-2009 (with some gaps)
  • Obituaries 1850-2009 (with some gaps)
  • WyCo State Census 1855-1925
  • City Directories 1887-1992
  • WyCo Marriage Certificates 1867-1920
  • Over 100,000 photos of people, places and things
  • Surname files for approximately 100 people & families
  • WyCo probate of wills (varied dates)
  • WyCo probate of inventories (varied dates)
  • WyCo Historic Maps, plat maps with owner’s name for 1870-1923
  • Telephone directories 1955-2009 (with gaps)
  • WyCo history books

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