We now have an updated list of the appraisers that will be available on October 31 for our appraisers fair.  For a registration form, please see the link in the post below or call the museum at 573-5002 and we will mail one to you.  The updated list is as follows:

Advertising memorabilia – Guy Manion & Joe Tucker of Manions Auction

 Asian Art & Artifacts – Dirk Soulis of Dirk Soulis Auctions

 Automotive – Jason Roske of K.C. Auction Company

 Books & Manuscripts – Ron Brown of Better Books/RB Publishing

 Clocks & Watches – John Bryant of Bryant Clock Restoration

 Decorative Art – Dirk Soulis, Doug Drake, Rob Lee (no business affiliation indicated)

 Ethnic & Cultural Art – Doug Drake of The Madison Group

 Fine Art – Doug Drake, Rob Lee, Dirk Soulis

 Firearms & Edged Weapons – Pat McWilliams and Manion Staff

 Furniture – Rob Lee, Dirk Soulis

 Jewelry – Dirk Soulis

 Militaria and Armor – John Conway & Manion Staff

 Musical Instruments – Darren Welch & Matt Kesler of Midwestern Musical Company 

 Organizational Memorabilia (Scouting, Lodge/fraternal) Jody Tucker & Kirk Doan 

 Photography – Doug Drake 

 Political – Dirk Soulis, Jason Roske

 Pop Culture – Craig Delich & Manion Staff

Sports Memorabilia – Glen Jones of Unbelievable Memorabilia